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Lesson five: a balloon debate

5.1.The situation: the class are all together up in a hot-air balloon, which has sprung a leak, is losing air, and threatening to crash. All but one must jump out to lighten the burden. Only one can survive. Each has to justify staying in the balloon in preference to the others. Each chooses for him/herself a historical (or contemporary / mythical...) character to identify with. (In 1999 students opted for Bill / Hillary / Monica, as well as God / Jesus / the Virgin Mary, or McDonald / Alexander Fleming. Students will prove knowledgeable, cynical, and fearlessly irreverent.) Five to ten minutes time to prepare the statement.

5.2. All sit on chairs in a large circle. Each in turn has time to stand up and speak in their own favour. At least one longish sentence must be made, a time limit could be set, but otherwise speakers can speak as long as they can manage. Points of information are permitted and encouraged. Speaking is free, without notes. Play-acting is demanded!

5.3.The vote: each candidate has TWO votes, one of which may go to themselves (alternatively: each has ONE vote but may not vote for themselves.). All but the winner will now jump...

5.4. Alternately, each traveller can represent a colour, or an animal, a nationality, or a virtue...

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