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Lesson six: the team-line

New information on structure:

6.1. In their group preparation, students decide who is to say what. In their speeches, speakers should not duplicate each other, or repeat old arguments. There should be a difference of emphasis, or different aspects.

However, speakers within a team should complement and not contradict each other, nor should they have totally different approaches.

They are working as a team, so they first work out a TEAM-LINE.

There must be a red thread running through the debate and this should be explained and be seen.

6.2. Same procedure as the time-before-last. But the first speaker gives his/her own arguments, then GIVES the TEAM-LINE: he/she mentions what the other two will be saying.

Later the other two will give their arguments, making sure that they do actually say what the first 

speaker has announced they will! They will also each refer to the team-line, and to each other.

In this way, the case is structured, & the structure of the speeches is obvious to judges and floor.

Later the reply speaker will be able to make use of this team-line on which to base his/her speech.

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