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Documentary FRY IN AMERICA (2 DVDs, 2008, 3 kurze Sequenzen)

- Zeitrahmen: 2-4 Unterrichtsstunden
- Material: DVDs Fry, Notebook + Beamer, ABs


I. Disc 1: Chap 6, 20:00 – 27:40 Massachusetts (Boston, Pilgrims, Witch)


KOMPETENZERWERB HSV/USA (laut BP Ba-Wü 2004) – Die SuS können…:


LESSON PLAN – Suggestions and Support -


  1. Salem Clip (only part on the witches)
    1. Get together with a partner. Watch the clip without sound. One partner has to turn around, the other describes what he sees. Take turns after the first half.
    2. Each non-communicating partner recapitulates what he remembers.
    3. Watch the clip with sound. Compare expectations and outcome.
  1. AB1 Pre
    Cross out the words that do not fit into the context. Arrange the remaining words in one meaningful English sentence each (you might add more details):
    (Wörter müssen für SuS noch durcheinander gebracht werden)

    A) War of Independence - Tea Party – tax – representation – Red Indians – Civil War – Spanish
    B) Pilgrims – land of the free – Puritans – persecution – Mayflower – witch – potato

    > C) Question: Where is the connection between all elementsà Massachusetts

WHILE (whole clip)
AB2 language
Sprache: In which context do the following phrases occur:

  1. it all came to a head
  2. sparks that lit the tinder
  3. you made my day
  4. you make things happen
  5. we will make simple solutions to everything
  6. it is recognized by the constitution
  7. tonight is the opening
  8. it’s bedtime.


  1. Watch the clip and concentrate on specific information, e.g. numbers, places, people, etc.
  2. After watching write down the facts you have kept in mind.
  3. Compare your findings with a partner.



  1. a) Go back to your pre-viewing activity and brush up your sentences.
    b) Discuss the significance of these events.
  2. Find out more about the Salem witch hunt, sights in Massachusetts, songs on Massachusetts, American history & politics, etc.
  3. Listen to the 45-minute report on the Salem Witch Hunt by Nicola Berringer (can be downloaded at Humphrey’s Notes, e.g. externer Link http://www.medienzentrum-osnabrueck.de/mzo/englischtips/simpleSearch.php ). Record an interview with one of the participants of the Salem Witch Hunt.
  4. Watch the clip on Salem Witch Trials
    externer Link http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=57864&title=_1_Salem_Witch_Trials. Kann man nur als Hörverstehen einsetzen oder aber auch als Hör-Sehverstehen.
  5. Watch “USA-The Sound of… Gothic in Boston” (c. bibliography)
  6. The McCarthy Era in the 1950s was also called Witch Hunt. Find out more about it and explain. What about today?
    (Watch the movie “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller.)


Arbeitsblatt Documentary FRY IN AMERICA: Download Herunterladen [doc] [69 KB]

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