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International Office - The State Academy Esslingen

For In-service Training and Human Resource Development at Schools

The Academy was founded in 2004 as the central training facility for teachers of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is a legally responsible public-law institution. It provides in-service training for teachers and executives on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. There are three locations of the “State Academy for In-service Training and Human Resource Development at Schools” in Baden-Wuerttemberg: Bad Wildbad serves schools by implementing courses for general education, Comburg offers training for executives and Esslingen is responsible for vocational colleges. More than 36,000 teachers and multipliers attend the 1,859 courses being offered by the State Academy. The performance of the Academy is rated with the grades A or B by more than 90 percent of the participating teachers.

The State Academy in Esslingen

Academy EsslingenThe State Academy in Esslingen is the central training facility of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg for teachers of vocational colleges. The State Academy is responsible for the in-service training and development of 22,000 teachers/lecturers. In the school year 2014/2015, there were 285 vocational colleges in operation, with roughly 359,000 students. Each year about 22,350 teachers participate in further training in more than 600 courses at the Academy. One of the challenges for the Academy is to train 260 professions that are taught at vocational colleges in Baden-Württemberg. These professions are based on defined training profiles with standardized occupational skills. The Academy offers courses and detailed concepts for the following areas:

A server provided by the State Academy offers various aids and teaching resources for teachers in the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Here teachers can find information about training courses, teaching materials and database applications.

In 2013 the State Academy acquired the status of “federal elite centre” for “Worldskills Germany”, registered association, in the field of mechatronics, an initiative promoting national and international vocational competitions.

Development of In-Service Training Courses

The State of Baden-Württemberg offers tailored in-service courses for vocational colleges on two levels. Centrally at the State Academy in Esslingen and regionally organized at the four administrative authorities of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Tübingen. Industry and Commerce are close partners of the Academy.

Both regional and central in-service training courses are state financed and are free of charge for the vocational colleges. The main differences between centrally and regionally organized courses are the target groups and the intention of the courses. For example: regional in-service training courses aim rather at the individual teacher, central in-service training courses aim more at multipliers.

The State Academy develops its course offer based on the analysis of the demands of the colleges, the administration and of commerce and industry. The State Academy is in close contact to all the stakeholders when developing the course programme.

Trainers and Consultants

The State Academy does not employ any full time trainers or lecturers but has access to a pool of more than 2,000 experts of which 49 percent come from the area of the vocational colleges, often senior lecturers, 29 percent come from our partners in industry and commerce, 22 percent come from other partners, e.g. universities, institutes for medical science, etc.

International Educational Exchange at the State Academy

Germany and, in particular, the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, is a renowned address when it comes to successful vocational training. The so-called dual system of training enjoys a high reputation worldwide.

The State Academy decisively contributes to the success of vocational training and human resource development because it offers teacher-upgrading courses based on the latest findings in learning research as well as didactics and methodology.
As a consequence of its close cooperation with industry, the State Academy is always up-to-date regarding technological innovations.

Mobility in Europe

For many years the State Academy has committed itself to participating in international projects, be it in project promotion or as organising partner. The Academy’s objective is to stimulate the mobility of students and teaching staff at vocational schools thereby considerably improving language acquisition and language proficiency on a long-term basis. The State Academy offers support to schools applying for Erasmus+ projects which take place on a European level. In addition to providing suitable partners for foreign schools and other educational organisations interested in participating in international projects, the Academy also offers assistance and guidance during these projects. A good example is the Academy of Vocational Training (ABB). The ABB has been promoting an exchange project with France since 2005, a project which students and teaching staff have developed together and implemented successfully. For more information go to: http://lehrerfortbildung-bw.de/akaprojekte/intern/dt_fr_aka/.  

Educational Counselling and Training Seminars for Teaching Staff from Abroad

The Academy’s training seminars for foreign experts working in administration, industry and education are in high demand. Its counselling in education focuses on the further development of the respective educational system, education planning, the development of curricula and, last but not least, on the establishment of facilities for teacher training and teacher upgrading. Contacts to foreign educational institutes are often established by export companies looking for qualified local staff or by politicians on their state visits abroad. The training seminars are designed and conducted by experienced teams of highly qualified teacher trainers. The Academy offers tailor-made courses according to the participants’ requirements.
Target groups may be teachers, teacher trainers or even principals. Examples of to-pics of the courses on offer are introduction into competence-based training and interdisciplinary training, curriculum development for specific areas such as automation and automotive technology, mechatronics or quality management at schools. There is a high demand for courses in metal engineering, electrical engineering, automation, mechatronics, automotive engineering, agriculture, horticulture and also in the commercial sector. In addition to providing theoretical knowledge, the training courses also incorporate phases of practical learning. The participants plan activity-oriented lessons and experience their implementation at German vocational schools. The courses are supplemented by excursions to renowned enterprises like Daimler AG (PLC) or to trans-regional educational institutions like the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Trade. Participants come from all over the world, e.g. China, Singapore, Thailand, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Israel, Egypt, Columbia.

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