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Station 10: Stationenblatt – Schülerarbeitsblatt

Textinterpretation durch Sprachaufnahmen

Arbeitsauftrag für die Schüler:

Christopher has found and read his mother’s letters (chapter 157) and reacts strongly to the news that his mother Judy is still alive.

  1. Imagine you are Christopher’s father Ed. You call your ex Judy, however you only reach her voicemail. Leave her a message in which you tell her how you feel about your situation and her behaviour. Make sure to put emotion into your voice - let Ed and his feelings become alive in your message! Use GarageBand or Wavepad to record your message. You might want to write down your text first.
  2. With your headphones, walk around the classroom and listen to other students’ messages by Ed and give them feedback (Paper or Tablet).

Pronunciation: Did you understand everything that was said? Did you hear anything that needs correction?

Emotion: Did Ed’s voice show emotion? Which feeling could you make out? What did you like about the way the text was spoken?

Content: Ed’s message to Judy - is it plausible? Do you think this message fits his character? Does it reflect his feelings properly? Is there anything that needs to be added?


Stationenblatt zu Station 10: Herunterladen [pdf] [185 KB]

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