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Summer School 2015

“Pedagogy makes the difference”

The Pestalozzi Programme Summer School 2015, in cooperation with the Academy of Bad Wildbad

Dates : 28 June – 5 July 2015 (arrival 27 June, departure 6 July)

Venue : Bad Wildbad, Germany


The Pestalozzi Programme Summer School 2015 entitled “Pedagogy makes the difference” will look at the core of what being a teacher means: our pedagogy, what we feel and think about the relation we have with education, with knowledge, with school and above all with the learners. If we are to put learners at the centre of our educational undertaking, we also need to focus on teachers, value their expertise and importance and look at the “tools of their trade”, and invest in reflection about pedagogy:

  • What makes the role of a teacher so important?
  • What happens in the classrooms, what works and what doesn’t and why is this so?
  • How to identify basic needs and create conditions to address difficult emotions, frustration, stress, boredom and set the ground for positive relationships, motivation, curiosity, pleasure to learn, etc.
  • How can we model democratic values in our daily practice as teachers?
  • How to deal with the effects of society on the learning process?
  • How can pedagogical principles and orientations such as cooperative learning, task-based and investigative learning, use of social media, alternative assessment, etc., help learning outcomes and positive relationships in the classroom and classroom management?
  • What’s the place of learning theories vs. teaching theory (Matetica vs. Didactica)?
  • What is desirable and what is less desirable in the process of preparing young people for life in our complex democratic societies in the 21st century?
  • What is quality education in the light of the need for democratically minded, creative and innovative citizens?

Participants will have the possibility to choose their personalised learning curriculum from a range of offers. Common activities throughout the eight days will allow participants to work together as a whole group, to learn together and to exchange ideas and experiences.

A round table discussion on the topic “It’s the pedagogy… of course!” will offer an opportunity to address and reflect on this important educational issue and to interact with a wide variety of interested professionals.

Expected outcomes

We expect that after the training course the participants will be in better position to:

  • raise awareness for the key importance of the choice of pedagogy within their professional context (school heads, colleagues, parents, learners)
  • understand the crucial role that pedagogy plays for the success of their teaching and facilitation of learning, for their classroom and school management
  • contribute in their teaching and training practice to the development of the transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for living in diverse and democratic societies
  • reflect on their own pedagogical choices and make changes where necessary
  • take action to promote a rethinking of pedagogical practices in their context

The participants will also join the Community of Practice of the Pestalozzi Programme, a network of education professionals equipped to continue the training on an international, national, regional and local level with a shared view of the competences which need to be developed and of the appropriate methodology of training and teaching.
We also expect that participants contribute to the dissemination of the work results through online productions during and, above all, after the summer school, but also by sharing their learning with colleagues in ways which are promising and appropriate in their own professional context.

Courses and activities

Common activities throughout the eight days will allow participants to work together as a whole group, to learn together and to exchange ideas and experiences: Open space, Socratic walks, daily reflection groups, soap boxes, public debate, excursions and social programme

Up to six intensive courses (9-12 hours) will be offered; these courses will take place mainly in the mornings and will centre on the following topics. Shorter courses (2-6 hours) will take place mainly in the afternoons and will take up further aspects of the overall theme.

There is also time foreseen for ad-hoc activities in reaction to requests by participants to deepen certain aspects of the theme and/or share their practices.


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