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How to search the net

How to search

  • Do not use German sources and  translate them - these translations are utterly horrid
  • Use as many relevant words as possible.
    • Example: for your gap year you want to find a non-profit organization that looks for volunteers: à non profit volunteer gap year (+country + type of work)
  • If you know that there is a country that you don´t want to go to or a job that you don´t want to do:  type in the symbol – (i.e. minus) with the keyword


How to tell if a source is reliable

  • Always check the date when the website was last updated
  • Watch out for the URL ending :
  • “.gov” - a government site
  • “.edu” or “.ac.uk” or “.sch.uk”  - a site linked to an educational institution  (these sites tend to be reliable)
  • “.com”  - a commercial website (might  be biased)
  • “.org”  -  a website run by an organization (might be biased)
  • very long URL and including references to yahoo etc.  – individual person (likely to be very personal and biased)
  • a blog/vlog (bound to be really personal and therefore biased)


How to quote a source

  • Copy the link from the address line
  • Add the date and the time (access or download)
  • Remember to do that also with statistics and photos


Where can you find free pictures (i.e. you don´t violate the copyright)

Further information:






How to search the net: Herunterladen [docx][16 KB]

How to search the net: Herunterladen [pdf][182 KB]


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