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Collaborative writing

As a group, you are going to work together and write your letters by discussing ideas, meeting challenges and solving problems together. You are going to write your letters as co-editors which means you’ll be cooperating with each other by contributing different sections to the draft of the outline. You’ll commentin a positive constructive way on different text parts your team members have written.

To some extent, you will be allowed to organize your work yourselves (without your teacher). Make the most of your individual strengths! Talk to each other as much as you can. Explain your ideas and comment on the ideas your team members have. Working together, you will be able to create an exceptional Letter About Literature (LAL).


Step 1 Planning: clustering - selecting - arranging

During the brainstorming activity, you should have generated ideas. Please organize them now.

Clustering: Discuss which of these ideas belong together.

Selecting: Discuss which of these ideas you as a group want to include in your LAL(referring to the results of the analysis: content)

Arranging: Discuss how to arrange these ideas (Using the results of the analysis as your basis: textual coherence).


Step 2 Outline (first draft)

Co-construct an outline for your LAL. An outline helps you to organize your material in a structured way. It shows the relative importance of points and the logical connections between them.

Base your outline on what you have found out during your analysis of the prize-winning letters (textual coherence).


Step 3 Scaffolding

In order to improve the quality of your text, work through the mandatory worksheets and decide which of the optional worksheets you as a group want to do (you may do them all and distribute them among your group members so that you can teach each other).

Maybe you want to change parts of your outline after having gained more insight by working through the scaffolding material (draft the second outline).


Step 4 Write your letter

Now it’s time to write your letter by using the appropriate chunks and phrases from the prize-winning letters you have analyzed.

Work together on the book ends (introduction and conclusion):

Work together on the thesis: What is your main idea (i.e., the link between the book and yourself)?

Distribute the arguments (plus explanations, examples, ...) you have found for the supporting body amongst the team members. Write individually.

Work together on linking the different parts (cohesion).



Collaborative writing: Herunterladen [docx][12 KB]

Collaborative writing: Herunterladen [pdf][856 KB]


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