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How to design a good presentation


  • first slide: topic
  • second slide: attention catcher (quote, cartoon, embedded clip…)
  • following slides: examples and facts
  • conclusion
  • sources + date of access


Designing slides:

  • font without serifs
  • minimum 20 pt
  • relevant information (reduce amount of information)
  • keywords (text only if it is a quote):. you don´t want the audience to read but you want them to listen to you
  • background that suits the topic
  • illustration only as a kind of logo, not as entertainment or fun elements
  • include visual elements (photos, statistics, cartoons, embed clips) that have to be explained to the audience  and help the audience to understand more of the topic
  • Design your presentation using the info “How to make a storyboard”


Go to the following two links and add notes to the “How to … page”

How to make a good  PowerPoint  presentation
http://www.lifehack.org/articles/featured/10-tips-for-more-effective-powerpoint-presentations.html  accessed 30.04.2017    17.39

How to Create Amazing Original PowerPoint Presentation Slides
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GicdJg-6Kw  accessed  30.04.2017   17.49



How to design a good presentation: Herunterladen [doc][27 KB]

How to design a good presentation: Herunterladen [pdf][124 KB]


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