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Info on countries

Step 5

  • Take into account all the information that you have found on cultural information about your country
    • What does that mean for your stay?
    • What does it mean for the job you are going to have?
    • What does it mean to you personally? Is there anything you´re going to find difficult?
    • Which information should you give in your presentation?
    • Find information on relevant aspects for the country of your choice
  • Use the categories given in the table (if relevant/ if they aren`t, change them) and make up your own table with more space for the relevant information
  • Use this table to take notes when the other teams present


Possible starting point: 


→ services →  centre for intercultural learning → country insights

    • Find more information for the relevant categories.
    • Save the links and sources and note down what kind of information you get there (i.e. photo of….; statistics of…).
    • Remember: also note down the date and time when you accessed the site
    • Find a clip that you think is suitable to give a first impression of life in “your” country that you want to embed in your presentation.



Political situation

Social situation

Gender relations

Rules for communication (verbal and non-verbal)


Rules for living in a family

Ethnic groups – potential bias towards ethnic groups



































Info on countries: Herunterladen [docx][17 KB]

Info on countries: Herunterladen [pdf][439 KB]


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