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Task: my gap year US

Step 1

  • you have decided that you´d like to spend a year abroad after your Abitur.
  • you would feel more comfortable if you could do that with one or two friends.
  • discuss whether you would prefer to:
    • work as an au-pair
    • work as a volunteer with children
    • work as a volunteer in a community project
    • work as a volunteer in an environmental project
  • take notes on  the relevant arguments that you needed to decide on an option


Step 2

  • you have decided on the way you would like to spend your gap year
  • discuss with your partner(s) what kind of information you need
    ➥ take notes on the information that you think you need


Step 3

  • search the net for non-commercial organizations that offer gap year stays
    ➥ take notes on
    • how you searched for an organization
    • the organizations
    • their conditions for accepting people
    • the countries you can go to


Links you can use:

https://internationalvolunteering.com  accessed 19.04.2017 15.49
http://afs.org/   19.04.2017  15.50

http://collegelists.pbworks.com/w/page/16119457/Gap%20or%20Service%20Year%20Programs  (Portal)  accessed 19.04.2017  15.52

https://ulladulla-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/supporting-our-students/careers/gap-year.html accessed 19.04.2019

http://collegecounselling.com/College-Counseling-College-Gap-Year-Options.html accessed 19.04.2019 (Liste) accessed 19.04.2017 15.57

If you use more/different addresses consult the page How to search the net


















Step 4


What is important










Step 5a


Read blogs of German volunteers who are in or went to the country you have chosen. You write an e-mail to your American friend who is also planning a gap year and tell him or her about what you have learned from the blogs (dos and don´ts, things that can go wrong)


Step 6

You want to present the information on “your’” country to the others.
You have three options to do this:

  • You give a presentation (take turns in your team) and film it on your mobile
  • You make a clip on your mobile
  • You make a clip on a tablet (use the app explain everything)

You prepare the presentation as a group.
Each of you has to present (i.e. speak) a part.
Decide who is presenting which part.



  • country
  • political (and possibly religious) situation
  • ethnic groups  - potential bias
  • social situation
  • gender situation
  • rules for communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • dress code
  • rules for living in a family
  • most important: what are your ideas and plans for a successful stay



Task: my gap year US: Herunterladen [docx][24 KB]

Task: my gap year US: Herunterladen [pdf][381 KB]


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