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Scaffolding 1

Analysis Worksheet 1 Scaffolding 1 .............'s Letter to the Author
Here are some Ideas which might help you fill in the grid.


Content: What is the paragraph about?

Which aspects of the novel are mentioned? Which aspects of the reader's life does he/she state? Does the author give you any arguments, explanations or examples? What feelings or insights does the author have? Does the author tell you anything about his/her plans for the future?


Textual Coherence/Purpose: How does the passage contribute to developing the thesis…..?

…. by relating personal experiences? ….by hooking the reader? …. by providing evidence? …. by naming the issue?…. by summarizing/concluding? … by supporting a certain point of view? … by establishing links? etc.


Linguistic devices: What language devices does the writer use?

List chunks and phrases the writer uses at certain stages in the letter, e.g. “from the very first words that were written...” /
“I soon realized that it…” /“... was my wake-up call,” etc...  Focus on phrases which you find useful for writing a LAL.


Your personal critical evaluation: To what extent do you like/dislike what you are reading? Why?

Do you think the text is original, persuasive, authentic, logical or coherent?
You might consider whether this letter is/isn't worth reading.
You might just write down any associations you have while reading.



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