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Analysis Worksheet 1 .............'s Letter to the Author

Analyse ..........'s letter to the author in detail and fill in the table.

In groups of three, read and analyze the letter you have been given. Focus on one aspect each (either content, textual coherence or linguistic devices). Please also fill in the last column about your personal response. Share your results with the other team members. Discuss your findings. 

Part of the text

What is the paragraph about?

Textual Coherence / Purpose
How does the passage contribute to developing the thesis?

Linguistic devices
Which functional language does the writer use (chunks and phrases that can generally be used to write a LAL)

Personal response/
critical evaluation

To what extent do you like/dislike what you are reading? Why?

































Analysis: Herunterladen [docx][15 KB]

Analysis: Herunterladen [pdf][39 KB]


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