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Peer evaluation 2

Letters About Literature


Name of Peer Reviewer:


Giving feedback shapes writing into something better. In any small writing group, whether it's online or in person, you have to give excellent feedback, so the writer has something to work with. When a writer asks for feedback, nothing can be worse for a writer than just hearing: “It's great!”

In order to make sure everyone is giving constructive feedback, we will use the format below:


Two Stars and a Wish Response Format.

To use this kind of response, you do the following:

  1. You point out two specific things you see in the writing that you really liked or that impressed you. These things might be an idea, a particular choice of words, a thought the writer had, or anything else you really liked.
  2. You then mention one thing about the writing that puzzled you and you’d like to be able understand this better. This might be the way the author talked about an idea or something you didn't understand. It could also be the way the author organized the letter that surprised you. This one thing is the 'wish' in the response format.
  3. Answer allthe questions the writer of the letter has asked you.


Feedback - Be Specific

2 Stars

1st star:
2nd star:

1 Wish/Wonder

I wish
or I wonder


Ideas taken from Letters About Literature (http://read.gov/letters/)



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