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Self evaluation 1

Assessment Checklist

Task: Once you have written your letter, review each point below.


I Content

  • Purpose: Does the letter address the essay's theme? Is it describing how a work of literature somehow changed the reader's view of the world or self?
  • Audience: Does the reader demonstrate knowledge of his or her audience? In other words, is the writer addressing the author and not the teacher?
  • SupportingDetails: Does the letter provide explanations or examples, anecdotes or other specific details to support the reader's point of view?


II Reader Response/Originality and Expression

  • Does the reader talk to the author rather than summarizing the book's plot or analyzing literary elements within the book?
  • Does the reader relate the book to himself or herself rather than asking the author questions about how he or she wrote the book?
  • Does the reader correspond with the author rather than compliment?
  • Is the vocabulary smooth and natural rather than tongue-tied or showy?


III Organization and Grammatical Correctness

  • Does the reader present ideas in a logical, organized manner without unnecessary repetition?
  • Does the essay have bookends: an introduction, a lead paragraph that hooks the reader plus a concluding paragraph that may or may not mirror the opening paragraph?
  • Has the reader proofread his letter for errors of spelling and punctuation?


Ideas adapted from Letters About Literature http://read.gov/letters/



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