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Peer evaluation 1

Letters About Literature


Name of Peer Reviewer:


Peer Reviewer's Job:

Read through the letter, and then answer these questions:

Part I

  1. Does the letter describe how a work of literature somehow changed my view of the world or self? If yes, how so? If no, how could I improve this?
  2. Does the letter correspond with the author and provide explanations or examples, anecdotes or other specific details to support my point of view? Where did I do this best? What are your favorite parts of my letter?
  3. Do you feel I made a connection with the contents of the book and/or a character in the book? Did I show that I changed my thoughts or had emotions triggered because of this book? Where did I do this well? What could I change or add?

Part II

  1. Is my essay well organized with an excellent hook and a conclusion that wraps up my thoughts well? If not, how could I make it better?
  2. Does my 'voice' connect with you as a reader throughout the essay? Are you convinced that this book really changed my thoughts or emotions in some way? Write down some quotes from my letter that demonstrates this. If not, how could I change it?
    Look through the essay again. Highlight any weak verbs that could be changed. Please also highlight places where stronger nouns or adjectives could be added.
  3. 'Grade' the essay.


Ideas adapted from Letters About Literature http://read.gov/letters/



Peer evaluation 1: Herunterladen [docx][12 KB]

Peer evaluation 1: Herunterladen [pdf][57 KB]


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