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Text 1: Summary of a text on teenagers and debts

19-year-old Stacey lives with her parents and a few months ago she had increasing debts on her store card. It was causing her to panic so she called an organization that helps teenagers with their problems. An adviser answered, he listened to her problems and gave her some useful advise. Stacey realized that the main problem was the splitting up with her boyfriend and that she just tried to cheer herself up with shopping. Stacey looked at the website too and found some useful information. She was going to make the repayments with the help of her parents and she felt much better. Although it´s going to take a while to pay off her debts, she don´t worry about money any more.


Text 2: Summary of a text on teenagers and debts

The little story is about a girl trying to get her debts and just her whole live back in controll.

Stacey is 19 and lives at home with her parents. After her boyfriend was breaking up with her she go shopping a lot till she couldn´t afford to repay. By ignoring the amount letters she gets panic more and more. After calling Jon a man from Connexions Direct and organization that offers information and advice to teenagers she feels a lot more comfortable with the situation. She realized that the whole think was all about breaking up with her boyfriend. At least she gets help from her parents and the credit company offert her the possibility to repay every thing.

And now she has more time for her friends.


Text 3: Summary of a text on teenagers and debts

The text: Teenagers and debts, is about the 19-year-old Stacey who is splitting up with her boyfriend. Because of this, she goes shopping a lot with money she dosen´t have.

So sure, she gets lots of debts which she dosen´t get right.

But then, isn´t planed, she saw an organization which gives advice to teenagers.

She calls an adviser which is named Jon.

They are talking about a lot of things which help Stacey feeling better and how she gets out of the situation.

So, Stacey also calls the credit company, they are making a repayment plan that she is getting out of her debts.

Stacey realised it is the wrong way to forget her boyfriend and is paying back all debts now. 



Text 4: Teenagers and their status: Buying certain brands and labels is an important part of being self-confident and popular as a teenager.  Discuss this statement

All of us, particulary the girls, like to go shopping. But is buying certain brands and labels an important part of being self-confident and popular as a teenager?

First of all, the statement that no one bullies you is very important. When you buy clothes which are “in”, the people will let you in peace. For instance at our school: the people that do not have the “right” clothing get the whole gossip. You also feel better when you can wear things which you really appreciate. These things are more comfortable for you. But mind changes very often as an adolescent, thus you are buying a lot of things.

A third reason is that it makes you really happy, when you are in the city and can try clothing and come home with new stuff. This situation makes you proud, that you have found such nice things.

On the one hand, there is also the fact that people look at you and maybe are getting an inspiration by your look.

But on the other hand you could also wear no-name clothes in which you feel comfortable and be proud to own them. In some parts of our society, the people feel even better without any labels and brands.

Another reason is maybe that despite having real friends you could be an outsider without Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein sweaters.

A really important argument is, that your shopping sprees could become truly expensive. Many teenagers cannot handle with money, even when they are adults, because their parents have always paid the debts and bills of their children.

For me, the most important fact is, that your family could instead buy things which are more necessary like food or pay the bill.

So weighing the pros and cons, I come to the conclusion that labels are a part of being self-confident and popular as a teenager, but not the most important one.

In fact, you could live without the entire “who-is-the-most-beautiful-person” thing and all the trouble coming along with that.


Text 5: Teenagers and their status: Buying certain brands and labels is an important part of being self-confident and popular as a teenager. Discuss this statement

Now more than ever kids buy as many brands and labels as possible. They don`t care whether the quality is good or bad, its just the name making the shirt or what ever special. But are labels and brands an important part of being self-confident and popular as a teenager?

To start with I can say that when you wear brands you get asked by your cloth whether you bought it by yourself, where you get it or like teenagers says “OMG its Calvin Kline” or something. That meens they get attention and that helps to become self-confident. Secondly brands look automatic expensive so you don´t have to care whether your outfit looks ceap or not. An other thing is that it´s way easyer to get dresst because when you where a brand thing all the attention is on that one thing which meens you get dresst by one pair of basic jeans and a brand pullover. Furthermore kids and also teenager could be very hard so maybe especially kids in the age of 12 or 13 can be bullied. Nevetheless it is known that often brands don´t have such a good quality its just the name you´re paying for and not a   specialy high quality.

More over it offert the teenagers who can pay for brands the opportunity to distance themselves to the others which meens in addition that they are saying: “I´m something better than you,” Thirdly there is also possibility that teenager who buy much of brands maybe can´t buy them in the future so that the thing which makes them feel self-confident is not there anymore.

And I´d like to point out that its rubbish to get your self-confidence by your cloths. Self-confidence should be about caracter and personality not about brands and lables.

All in all I think the statement below is right because our society is fixed on brands and lables but this is terribly bad and should be diffrent in the futur.


 Text 6: Teenagers and their status: Buying certain brands and labels is an important part of being self-confident and popular as a teenager.  Discuss this statement

Nowadays many people talk about the much-discussed topic of brands and labels. We all wear fashion and it´s probably an important part of getting accepted or getting popular for the teenagers.

If you buy clothes of brands you will definetly have a good quality, that´s why many teenagers buy these things. But when you look at other companies which have maybe the same quality for a cheaper price just a few people would buy it because if you could rather choose between two exactly similar-looking shirts but on one is the name of a famous label every teen would choose this one.

And that´s the thing, teenagers want – to get accepted in their communities. Today maybe everyone of your friends wears brands clothes and of course then you´ll go and get yourself one of these expensive moneywaists.

On the one hand it´s good to buy designer clothes because then you can live your style but on the other hand you gonna be just a tree in the woods. If everyone buys designer clothes, and that’s what we are trending to, in a couple of years everyone would were the same and that’s what sad, because thats what makes fashion interesting, the diversity of styles and colors.

But unfortunetly thats what our future looks like to me. My strongest argument is the social ranking, because if you imagine you were a shy student, you never really had friends and always stood on your one and one day you come to school with designer clothes and everybody talks to you. I think it´s (of course) not that extreme but it´s an opportunity for this guy to get new friends and join social groups. But good quality means also a lot of money and I think that’s what is really the most important because personally I could also wear the same shirt of a brand without the name on it for less money, and I think that’s what many teenagers just don´t get. Of course, where we live it´s not that extreme with everyone buying and wearing brands. But if you go to the bigger cities in Germany fashion is a much more important thing. And if you don´t wear these things, you´re done. Anyways, money is a way bigger problem then the most people think.

Weighing the pros and cons I come to the conclusion that the money which teens spend is the most important argument. Because in every objective you see this discussion, money will always be a problem for this topic.  



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