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Mediation future: solutions

Summarize the changes in the world of work as predicted by Till Leopold for an article in the school newspaper and add a personal comment.



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Till Leopold says

  • today: the greater part of work is done by humans, this will change:
  • by 2025: computers and robots will take over
  • human work, however, will be augmented by machines → more efficient
  • an estimated 75 million jobs will be lost by 2025
  • this will happen in industry/production as well as (increasingly) in office work (e.g. accounting, any kind of repetitive jobs)
  • this will also enable people to work more creatively
  • estimated number of new jobs: 133 million
  • it is difficult to say which kind of new jobs will be created as we might not know most of them yet,
  • probably mostly jobs connected with technological development
  • according to data from the US, people who retrain will be fit for new options and some of them will even earn higher wages
  • those who for various reasons will not retrain will be an issue
  • as a consequence, companies and unions will have to cooperate in order to meet the challenge worldwide


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