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Summary Plot



Answer Key


summarizing the plot (sequence 2)

Your task is to give an oral summary of the plot (sequence 2), including some of the quotes and screenshots that you dealt with while watching.To make it easier for your audience to follow your presentation, it is important to structure it.

Write down the phrases from the boxnext to the right category.


How to give a presentation: summarizing the plot

Hilfestellung für summarizing the plot

For an oral summary, it is helpful to work with palm cards. For your given task, it is helpful to have one palm card for each quote/ screenshot.

  1. Using the information from the worksheet “understanding sequence II”, complete the structure of the palm cardbelow with the relevant information for screenshot number one.
  2. Early finisher: Explain to your partner why this is not the first palm card of your presentation. Prepare this first palm card together.
Beispiel einer palm card


Summary Plot: Herunterladen [docx][86 KB]

Summary Plot: Herunterladen [pdf][204 KB]


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