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Basis- & Leistungsfach

symbols and leitmotifs1


In the given screenshot, one can see… in the background/foreground/… on the left/right/at the top/bottom…
(Walt standing his ground when the Hmong gang threaten Thao, surrounded by many symbols: gun, flag Gran Torino)


The most prominent object in this screenshot is… (gun)


The … can be interpreted as a symbol on two different levels: On the one hand, it …; on the other hand, …
gun – on a personal/ psychological level: symbolic of Walt’s self-reliance/ readiness to defend himself as a war veteran; historically: right granted by the Bill of Rights: defend your property with guns – strength, self-responsibility


Moreover, it is no coincidence that there is also… (American flag)


The… is symbolic of… This becomes evident due to the fact that…
It may also reveal…
flag: Walt’s patriotism, his pride in his country; his personal history; may also reveal his fear that being surrounded by so many different cultures values that are important to him might get lost; together with the gun: may represent the idea of America as a country of freedom, including the freedom of the right to bear arms and defend yourself


Finally, the attentive viewer can spot a … (Gran Torino)


As for this third symbol, it seems to symbolize…
Gran Torino and its being a vintage car: Walt’s living in/not willing to let go of the past; the car stands for times in which he was a successful member of society, contributing to the country’s economic strength; American engineering/ economic strength as well as its decline at that point in the movie


All in all, it become obvious that all the symbols can be interpreted on two levels: On a personal level, … Moreover, they…
personal level: Walt trying to defend values that are important to him and that he feels are being threatened by the changes around him (refusal to create a sense of belonging with these surroundings)
historical level: traditional American values (ambiguous: should not be forgotten or are not up-to-date anymore?)


1 Die abstrakteren gesellschaftlich-historischen Bezüge sind nur auf dem erweiterten Anforderungsniveau Teil des Erwartungshorizonts.


Analysing symbols: Herunterladen [docx][62 KB]


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