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Erwartung Quotes


Übertragung der Zitate auf Walt and Thao


mögliche S-Aussagen

Michael Imperioli

Walt: this is definitely not true for him; quite the opposite

Thao: may be true; however, his family does not seem to take him seriously, so the opposite may also be true

John C. Maxwell

Walt: definitely not true for Walt because they seem to only show interest in him if they want sth.; he doesn’t feel close to them, actually prefers to be without them

Thao: may be true; however, his family does not really seem to take him seriously, so the opposite may also be true

Richard Le Gallienne

Walt: being suspicious of his neighbours and thus trying to avoid any kind of contact may be wisdom to Walt

Thao: does not seem to actively avoid contact with his neighbour

Iyanla Vanzant

Walt: although his family is certainly not a safe haven to him, it doesn’t seem to give him heartache, either (or does it?)

Thao: although his family doesn’t take him too seriously, they seem to provide for him; especially Sue seems to be concerned about him; there is no sign of “deepest heartache” in this family

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Walt: doesn’t want to be understood, just wants to be left alone; does not seem to make any kind of effort to understand the people around him

Thao: doesn’t seem to feel understood by anyone and seems to accept this fact; he seems too shy and passive to make people understand him

Richard Bach

Walt: it is true that the people he used to live with under the same roof do not feel like family to him; but there are no other bonds of respect and joy

Thao: may feel closer to his blood relations but doesn’t seem to have any other “family”; his joining the gang certainly has nothing to do with respect and joy

Robert Frost

Walt: although there is no fence in the literal sense, he definitely wants them to stay behind the imaginary fence/ stands his ground

Thao: despite Walt’s attitude he and his family overstep the imaginary fence when they need help or want to thank Walt


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