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The topic of your international school project is “Our future – our jobs”. Together with your partner, you are to give a short introductory speech.

Partner A

Use the given passages from the German government’s publication on he future of jobs for your introduction to the topic and its relevance for German students.

After this first part, hand over to your partner.

Partner B

With the help of the given interview text, outline Professor Walwei’s advice for German high school graduates to your classmates in a way that will encourage them. Conclude the speech.


Step 1


Read the text carefully and make notes for a summary

Step 2


Design a clear structure for your part of the speech. Prepare your notecard.

Step 3

Rehearse your speech together with your partner.


Partner A

Text A (see next page)

Partner B

Text B

Interview with Dr. Ulrich Walwei, expert in labor economics,vice director of the German IAB (Institute of Labour and Job Research)

DIE ZEIT: Berufseinstieg: „Nicht auf Sicherheit setzen“



Textpassage Zukunft der Arbeit

Introductory  speech – Main aspects

Text A

I. General: Aspects that are important from the German government’s view:

  • About two thirds of the German workforce have to do with digital change.
  • Virtual and real world are closely connected, merging into one another.
  • Success will strongly depend on how this change is brought about in order to use it effectively.
  • Many fields of work and economy will be affected by this process as well as society itself its values (demographic change, changing values).
  • Main intention: Work will improve life and living conditions for all.
  • This also means (personal) freedom in terms of economy, social factors, sustainability.


  • People will work in with machines thus being more free/more flexible, also healthier and wealthier than before
  • In all this, sustainability with respect to our limited global resources isessential


Text B

II. Advice: What advice does Professor Walwei give?

  • 2018 will be a good year for high school graduates
  • A lot of people retire while there is demand for young qualified employees/workers
  • (At the beginning of your career) you should be eager to gain experience instead of job security
  • You have to have flexible skills for a variety of jobs.
  • You cannot be sure to work in the same place all your life.
  • Education and qualifications are very important steps.
  • (If you are flexible) this will help you find a job.
  • This is true even for highly individual subjects or for people looking for special jobs.
  • Do what you like or what you are interested in.
  • Some knowledge of economy and technology will make it easier for you.
  • Artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role.
  • Creative and social skills will be important too.
  • This is where humans cannot be replaced by computers (more depth).



  • Do not worry.
  • Obtain a qualification.
  • Be flexible.
  • Do not simply go for security.


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