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Gran Torino – Text und Aufgaben

Gran Torino: White Masculinity and Racism

January 17, 2009 • Adia and Jessie

http://www.racismreview.com/blog/2009/01 /17/gran-torino-white-masculinity-racism/
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"Despite the warm ... criminal counterparts."
(240 Wörter)


mögliche Aufgaben (monologischer Teil):

  1. Give an outline of the authors’ criticism of the depiction of Walt and the Hmong people in Gran Torino.
  2. Gran Torino – a film about racial stereotyping or the ambiguity of belonging? Discuss this issue.

mögliche weitere Impulse (dialogischer Teil):

  1. Erweiterung des Umfelds der Aufgabe:
    1. Walt as the heroic saviour or the isolated old man? Give examples of how cinematic devices are employed in Gran Torino to support either view.
  2. Bezug zu weiteren Themen des Bildungsplans:
    1. Gran Torino deals with the problem of racism/ racial stereotyping. Comment on whether you think this is still a major issue in the USA today.
    2. Relate the issue of racism to important values of the American Dream.
    3. Racism is not only an issue in the USA. Analyse challenges that multi-ethnic societies in Europe are currently facing.
    4. ... (national identity, stereotypes, Britishness, global challenges...)


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