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Box 1: Playwright

The Shape of Things - You are the playwright!

On the basis of what we have dealt with today, create an outline for a short drama. Develop characters and a short plot which leads to the dilemma situation(s) in which characters experience moments of individual decision. Use ideas from box 1.

  • Set of characters

  • Information about the characters

  • Short plot

  • Conflict(s) which mirror debates in present-day society

  • Dilemma situation(s); concentration on one crucial moment in the character’s life

  • Choices/decisions


Structure the individual entries in this box in any way you find helpful in order to deal with task 1: You are the playwright!

The Shape of Things- Box 1 (ideas/concepts)

(character) transformation - (typical) male and female behavior- gender issues- popularity - independence/weakness - mad/manipulative power - sweet and sour - mainstream culture - needs - satisfying needs - influencers - (lack of) self esteem - (peer) pressure - self improvement - how far would you go for love/popularity? - triggers - influencer marketing - social media - hierarchy of needs - love - belonging - sexual intimacy - self-actualization - honesty/authenticity - morality - (growth) choices - mate acquisition/mate retention - relationships/friendship - the price you pay - loneliness - pop culture - personal/shallow/gender identity - stereotypic expectations of masculinity and femininity - defining gender roles - looks, style, fashion, attractiveness, popularity, success, sex appeal - (moments of) self-reflection - (shallow) surface appeal - social norms: right food/right clothes/slimness - socially acceptable - will power - before and after - being more interesting/desirable - being better - extreme makeovers - ego massage - acceptance needs - cognitive/aesthetic needs - transcendence needs - social norms/punishment - non-compliance - ostracism - identity tension - promise inclusion - threaten expulsion - influence someone on a very subtle level


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