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Life Hacking – Text und Aufgaben

Life hacking: why self-optimising can be suboptimal

(Zugriff 17.10.2019)

"However noble the ... health, and intelligence.
However, naively optimising ... appreciation for moderation."

(287 Wörter)


mögliche Aufgaben (monologischer Teil):

  1. Summarize what the author says about life hacking and self-optimising.
  2. Analyse the concept of self-improvement and discuss it in the context of the "ambiguity of belonging".

mögliche weitere Impulse (dialogischer Teil):

  1. Erweiterung des Umfelds der Aufgabe:
    1. Comment on the idea of life-hacking in The Shape of Things and Gran Torino and relate this to the text.
    2. Explain and illustrate other factors that make the need to belong ambiguous. How do they shape our identity?
  2. Bezug zu weiteren Themen des Bildungsplans:
    1. Explain how belonging to a certain ethnic group can influence one’s sense of belonging.
    2. Relate the issue of racism to important values of the American Dream.
    3. Racism is not only an issue in the USA. Analyse challenges that multi-ethnic societies in Europe are currently facing.
    4. ... (national identity, stereotypes, Britishness, global challenges...)


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