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Sexy - Erwartungshorizont

  1. Monologischer Teil

    Erste Aufgabe

    Darren’s character:

    • he is a high school student from North Falls
    • AI takes over your job/ your life and you lack the power to fight this (ll. 1-3)
    • his family is not of high social status (proven by the fact that they live out in the country and not in town and that neither of his parents have a college degree)
    • his mother wants to climb higher on the social ladder because she doesn't want anyone to “guess” what her status really is (ll. 6-11)
    • that is why Darren seems to be under some kind of constant pressure, is always “polite”, “well-mannered” on the outside (l. 6), and doesn't show his aversions to being told that he “can do better” (ll. 1-3)
    • he seems to try but nonetheless struggles with school, does not like his teachers and suffers under the work load (ll. 10-18)
    • on the other hand, he seems to be quite popular, especially among the girls at his school, who are very willing to help him whenever he is unable to cope with the workload at school (“[...] there were lots of friends to offer help. Mostly girls.”) (ll. 18-19)
    • among these, Molly seems to be a closer friend; however, even in her case, he takes advantage of her affection for him, of which he is obviously aware (ll. 20-25)


    Darren’s sense of belonging:

    individuelle Schülerantworten, mögliche Aspekte:
    • on the one hand, most of the people around him seem to expect a lot of him (his mother's desire to reach higher, pressure at school, people telling him to do better); so all in all, establishing a sense of belonging for him also means to meet other people's expectations
    • on the other hand, Darren is also able to take advantage of the people who want to connect with him: Molly has been his “closest friend” since childhood, one of the reasons probably being that Molly has the social status and respectability that his mother desires (“rich”, “nice”, “a virgin, obviously”, l. 22)
    • and although he knows that Molly only helps him because she is in love with him (which he does not seem to reciprocate), he still accepts her support
    • he is aware of the moral ambiguity of this and the fact that “actually cheating” (l. l.27) would contradict his reputation, but the fact that “everyone did it” (l. 26) makes it acceptable for him, because this means it “wasn't cheating exactly” (l. 26)
    • all in all, Darren seems to be very aware of the rules he needs to play by in his social surroundings: he knows how to meet expectations, what the moral standards are and how to get from people what he needs; however, true feelings and connections with other people do not seem to play too much of a role in his life – there's probably simply too much pressure on him for that


    Zweite Aufgabe
    individuelle Schülerantworten, mögliche Aspekte:

    • unlike Thao, Darren is popular among his peers, is able to get what he wants and lives up to his family’s expectations while Thao is rather docile and passive; however, both do not really seem to have an idea of who they really are or what they really want; while Darren constantly tries to meet other people’s expectations, Thao lacks the self-confidence to try anything at all, but, on the other hand, stays true to himself; while Thao seems to be able to establish a real sense of belonging in the course of the movie and achieve some form of self-actualisation, Darren (at least in this passage) is under too much pressure to actually open up to people
    • unlike Adam, Darren is popular and attractive; what they both have in common is that they are willing to compromise their moral integrity in order to be liked by others (to stay/ become accepted by the people around them); both hide or cover up their true selves in order to be accepted; since neither of them is able to establish a true sense of belonging, they are unable to achieve self-actualisation

  3. Dialogischer Teil

    Erweiterung des Umfelds der Aufgabe

    Bei beiden Impulsen geht es im Sinne der Text- und Medienkompetenz um eine exemplarische sprachliche Analyse des Textauszuges; dabei können Aspekte zu Darren und seines sense of belonging, die im monologischen Teil nicht bzw. oberflächlich analysiert wurden, noch einmal vertiefend in den Blick genommen werden.

    1. Analyse why the author uses words like “morass”, “swamp” and “drowning” to describe Darren's work load at school.
      • all of the given words from the thematic field “morass”/ “swamp” relate to the fact that Darren has trouble keeping up at school;
      • he has trouble remembering and structuring all the knowledge and details he is confronted with (“morass”)
      • the workload is too much for him, he feels overwhelmed or flooded by it, as if he was drowning in it
      • all in all, school and knowledge seem to be something he cannot get a grip on, like a fluid natural force beyond his control, so he is dependent on other people’s help
    2. Analyse the choice of words in lines 2-3. What does it reveal about Darren?
      • the words suggest that although Darren is quite attractive, well-mannered and polite, there is a strong desire to show his ugly side, his “twisted” side
      • in this context, the “ugliest gesture” of exposing the “veiny-wormy flesh” illustrates his desire to, for once, not meet people’s expectations, but instead to repel them, maybe because he is disgusted by them
      • but he dare not live out this fantasy


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