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Box 3: relationships


Use (some of) the following phrases to describe the character relationships in 'The Shape of Things'.

Find more phrases for describing relationships.

Box 3

mutual friend(s) - a circle of friends - dysfunctional relationships - to fall in love - to be madly in love - love at first sight - to inspire somebody - to idolize somebody - to look up to somebody - rebels - idealists - have strong moral principles - hypocrites - to look down on somebody - snob - vulgar - principles and values - something is against my principles - he has a different set of values - positive incentives - detrimental effects - something is regarded as (dis)respectful/offensive - cynical/skeptical - naive/gullible - two-faced - to take an instant dislike to somebody - to resent somebody/to be openly hostile - something/somebody puts a strain on a relationship - to be full of resentment - to say something to somebody's face - to be complimentary about somebody - it's a tough decision - to say or do something behind somebody's back - to accept responsibility for something-.......


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