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AI – Text und Aufgaben

The rise of the robots need not spell downfall for humans

Chi Onwurah

(Zugriff 16.10.2019)

"We shouldn’t be ... be rendered obsolete.
I am a tech evangelist ... who is in charge?"

(294 Wörter)


mögliche Aufgaben (monologischer Teil):

  1. Compare the different attitudes towards artificial intelligence that are presented in the text.
  2. Analyse and comment on whether artificial intelligence is a technology for a better world.

mögliche weitere Impulse (dialogischer Teil):

  1. Erweiterung des Umfelds der Aufgabe (sofern nicht bereits genannt):
    1. Explain how we can "face up to the responsibilities of this new era".
    2. The author poses the question of who is in charge when it comes to defining our relationship with technology. Explain how you would answer this question.
  2. Bezug zu weiteren Themen des Bildungsplans:
    1. Explain how modern technologies can affect our sense of belonging.
    2. Analyse and comment on other global challenges and how they should be dealt with.
    3. Migration is a major issue of our time. Analyse challenges that multi-ethnic societies are currently facing.
    4. Ethnicity and nationality are factors that determine one’s identity. Name other factors and analyse their respective importance. Illustrate your points referring to your experience as well as the characters from Gran Torino and The Shape of Things.


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