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“Help me, I’m a loner!”

(Folie Arbeitsauftrag)


Walt, Thao and Sue have been invited to a talk show with the title “Help me, I’m a loner”! In the show they have 2 minutes to first present themselves and then bring forward arguments why or why not

  • they are in fact loners
  • they are desperate about this and feel they need help

Afterwards, the audience is allowed to ask questions.

Preparing for the talk show

  1. In order to prepare for the first part, Walt, Sue and Thao are asked to fill in the character card.
    Take notes on the first 4 questions on your character card on the basis of what you have learned about Walt/Thao/Sue so far. On the right, write down phrases you can use to present yourself and to talk about your relationships (More help: phrases to talk about belonging).
  2. Cut out the card. Using your notes and the phrases, present yourself to 2 other students with the same character. Give each other feedback and tips for improvement.
    Together, answer the last two questions and write down helpful phrases. (More help: phrases to talk about relationships and belonging).
  3. Together, think of five questions that you would like to ask the other character (Walt, Sue or Thao).
  4. Now cut out the card. Practise your presentation three times:
    1. Look at your notes and the phrases on the right.
    2. Fold your card, so that you can only see the notes, but not the phrases. Give your presentation again (including the phrases!).
    3. Give your presentation once more. Look at your character card only if necessary.

“Help me, I’m a loner!”1

Hilfestellung für Aufgaben in Tabellenform

1 Material aus: Schwerpunktthemenkommission der Regierungspräsidien Baden-Württemberg: The Ambiguity of Belonging. Gran Torino, S. 41.


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