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What AI is: questions

You are going to listen to three passages from Sebastian Thrun’s ted talk on AI.

Take notes on what he says...

Information on Sebastan Thrun

From Wikipedia:

Sebastian Thrun (born May 14, 1967) is an innovator, entrepreneur educator, and computer scientist from Germany. He is CEO of the Kitty Hawk Corporation, chairman and co-founder of Udacity.

Before that, he was a Google VP and Fellow, a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, and before that at Carnegie Mellon University. At Google, he founded Google X and Google's self-driving car team. He is currently also an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and at Georgia Tech.



From Sebastian Thrun’s homepage:

“I lead a team of expert computer scientists with the singular aim of significantly helping society through artificial intelligence technologies, and are constantly on the lookout for high-impact projects.

We have worked on robotics, self-driving cars, automated homes, healthcare, drones, and a number of other applications.

We currently focus on three areas: AI for healthcare, AI for people-prediction, and smart homes.


(accessed 02-20-2019)


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