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Role play moderator

Topic: The new district in our town:
A better world for all?


As the mayor of Greentown, you are the host and moderator of the panel discussion. Seeing that not everybody agrees with your plans, you have initiated this discussion. On the one hand, you want to design and build a new district with all modern amenities and technologies, but on the other hand, you want to find an agreement in order to make everyone happy.

You know a lot about your guests because you have invited them (cf. role cards).
Your guests do not know all the details about each other.

Use your time to

  • prepare a very short speech introducing the topic and aim of the discussion to your guests.
  • Think about questions and topic you want to discuss.
  • Guess at some of the arguments they might want to use in the discussions.


In terms of time keeping:

  • Remind your guests to keep to the questions and general topic.
  • After twenty minutes, conclude the debate when it seems appropriate without interrupting your guests. Your aim is to reach an agreement.



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