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Role play intro

The Role Play: Situation

In Greentown, the city council is planning a new housing district in order to fight high rents and housings hortage. The mayor, Mr.Greenhorn, has invited four guests in order to discuss the project. He wants people to get involved and say what they think, but he also wants this project to be a success. The main idea is a design based on new technologies.

Today, his four guests have been invited to plan the following issue with him:

The new district in our town:
A better world for all?

The Role Play: Procedure

  • The mayor introduces the topic to his guests.
  • The guests then have the opportunity to briefly state their views.
  • They all have a discussion on how they envision the new district.
  • The mayor concludes the discussion and thanks his guests.

The Role Play: Preparation

Work in groups of five. Choose one role each. You have 45 minutes to prepare your performance.


Make notes on your general statements and the details you want to bring up later. You may use any worksheet or material from your English folder. Try to figure out what the others might be up to.


Prepare your role carefully. You will remain impartial while making sure that all guests have achance to express their ideas. It is your responsibility to clarify statements, e.g. explain or ask for more information. In the course of the discussion you will also explain why you want this new district. At the end of the discussion, conclude it by summarizing the results and thanking the guests.

Allocated time is about 20 minutes.


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