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Sexy – Text und Aufgaben

The following extract is taken from the 5th chapter of the novel “Sexy” by Joyce Carol Oates. It deals with the novel’s protagonist, Darren Flynn, a high school student from North Falls, USA.



Joyce Carol Oates, Sexy.
Reclam 2011, S. 16-17.

"Good work, Darren ... Not actually."
(294 Wörter)


mögliche Aufgaben (monologischer Teil):

  1. Analyse Darren’s character and comment on his sense of belonging.
  2. Compare Darren to Adam in The Shape of Things and Thao in Gran Torino.

mögliche weitere Impulse (dialogischer Teil):

  1. Erweiterung des Umfelds der Aufgabe:
    1. Analyse why the author uses words like "morass", "swamp" and "drowning" to describe Darren's work load at school.
    2. Analyse the choice of words in lines 2-3. What does it reveal about Darren?
  2. Bezug zu weiteren Themen des Bildungsplans:
    1. Name and illustrate other factors that influence people’s sense of belonging.
    2. Explain what role ethnicity plays in the context of belonging. Refer to examples from Gran Torino and the USA as a multi-ethnic society.
    3. Racism is not only an issue in the USA. Analyse challenges that multi-ethnic societies in Europe are currently facing.
    4. (further challenges in Europe: Brexit; global challenges: climate change, ...)


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