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Aufgaben 1 – 3

Target task: conversation between Rajiv and Leon.

1. Rajiv is angry with Leon, but his mom tells Rajiv to talk to Leon and tell him why he is angry. Rajiv agrees to have a conversation with Leon and tell him what he didn’t like about his behaviour. Read the conversations on page 100 and on page 101 again. Then write down what Rajiv wants to talk about.

  • about his mum’s curry
  • about him being British and not Indian




2. Read the following conversation between Rajiv and Leon.

On Monday evening, Rajiv is waiting for Leon to come home from his trip to Cambridge. After his conversation with Mr Lewis and the other boys, Rajiv is not angry with Leon anymore. He is now sure that Leon didn’t mean to hurt him. Rajiv wants to talk to Leon about their misunderstandings.

Rajiv: Leon, welcome back. How was your trip to Cambridge?

Leon: It was boring and I had an argument with Mr. Lewis. I think he’s still very angry with me.

Rajiv: Oh, I’m sorry about that. What happened?

Leon: I told him that I didn’t like the trip and that I hated British food. I think I should have been more careful about what I said. I didn’t mean to hurt him, of course, but I wasn’t feeling well at all. And I always get grumpy when I’m sick.

Rajiv: I hope it wasn’t my mum’s curry that made you feel sick.

Leon: No, not at all. Your mum’s curry was delicious. I mean, at first I wasn’t too excited about the idea of having curry. I was afraid it might be very spicy. But now I know what the word “curry” really means.

Rajiv: So why did you not feel well?

Leon: I think because of all the tap water that I drank.

Rajiv: But ...

Leon: ... Don’t worry, I was only joking. But when you first offered me tap water and told me that it was ok to drink it, I wasn’t so sure if I should drink it. In Germany mostpeople don’t drink tap water. Anyway, it was the bus trip that made me sick. I always get sick on buses.

a) Fill in the table below. You can find the English equivalents in the text on page 1.

Leon didn’t mean to hurt him.

Leon wollte ihn nicht verletzen.


Ich hatte einen Streit mit Herrn Lewis.


Ich werde immer grantig, wenn ich krank bin.


Das Curry deiner Mutter war köstlich.


Ich hatte Angst es könnte scharf sein.


Ich war mir nicht sicher, ob ich es trinken kann.


In Deutschland trinken die meisten Leute kein Leitungswasser.

b)Underline all the phrases and words that you could use in the conversation (target task) that YOU will be writing.

___I think I should have been more careful about what I said.__________





c) Read the conversation between Rajiv and Leon again and colour all the examples of indirect speech.

3. Before you write your own conversation, read the following phrases and decide what Rajiv could say. Cross out the things that Rajiv shouldn’t say.

  • I want to be honest, …
  • I thought about our first conversation and …
  • I always knew Germans were idiots.
  • When you asked me if I had any bottled water, …
  • I was a bit angry.
  • Why don’t you stay in a hotel, Leon?
  • When I showed you my CDs, …
  • When you asked me if English people listened to that kind of music, …


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