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Tick the right answers on pp. 49 -53. Sometimes there is more than one correct.

1. Whose favourite holiday is Halloween?

✓ Greg’s

❒ Mom’s

❒ Dad’s

2. Who drenches teenagers on Halloween?

✓ Greg

❒ Dad

❒ Rowley

3. Who hasn’t understood the concept of Halloween?

❒ Manny

❒ Mom

✓ Dad

4. What is the Crossland High School haunted house?

❒ a restaurant for students which serves very crusty hot-dogs

✓ a students’ ghost theatre production

❒ the building next to the Crossland High School where students on detention are arrested in

5. What did Rowley wear for visiting the Crossland High School haunted house?

✓ a superman costume

❒ regular clothes

✓ the costume he wore last year

6. Why didn’t Rowley’s outfit bother Greg much?

❒ He wasn’t going to let Rodrick ruin the event for him

✓ He wasn’t going to let Rowley ruin the event for him

❒ He had been looking forward to this for about three years

7. Greg and Rowley were really scared by 

✓ a guy with a chainsaw

✓ a real chainsaw with a rubber blade

✓ a guy with a hockey mask in Chainsaw Alley

8. Why was Greg willing to take the embarrassment at the end of their haunted-house tour? Because… he won the first price for wimps

❒ his mother had saved them from the chainsaw guy

✓ it would be the only time he would admit that his Mom had done a

✓ good thing by intervening. 


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