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WS 2_2 Back at school – the diary starts

1. “Let me get something straight: this is a JOURNAL, not a diary. This was Mom’s idea, not mine. But if she thinks I’m going to write down my“feelings“ in here or whatever, she’s crazy.“ (p.1)

Check whether Greg really writes a journal:

a) What are the typical features[1] of a diary?

b) Compare with this dictionary article on “journal“:

Journal. 1 a newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or profession 2 used in the title of some newspapers 3 a written record of the things you do, see, etc. every day. (Oxford University Press)

2. Why does Greg point out that he does not write a “diary“ but a “journal“? What’s the difference?

3. Why does the big boy call Greg ”Sissy“ (p.1)? Tick the right answers:

He calls him „Sissy“ because

❒ he thinks that’s Greg’s first name


❒ he reminds Greg of his sister

✓ he calls him a bad name

✓ he tells Greg that he is like a girl

4. What “wrong idea could the “jerk” get?

❒ / ✓  That Greg is a teacher’s pet

✓ That Greg is not a real boy and probably gay 

Team work

1. Read the paragraph above the cartoon. What can you say about the kind of “jerk” Greg fears to meet without the cartoon? How does that change with considering the cartoon?

  • Discuss with your partner.

2. What is the function of the cartoon then? How does it work together with the text?

  • Write down the answer in your exercise book.

[1] feature Kennzeichen



Solutionsheet: Herunterladen [docx][25 KB]


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