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WS 9 – Parental Warnings

Greg often complains about how parents and other grown-ups behave like in this diary entry:

“Unfortunately, Dad does not exactly appreciate my skills. He’s always getting on me about going out and doing something “active”. (p.24)

Guess from the context what the underlined parts of the sentences mean. Explain or paraphrase the meaning, e.g.:

does not exactly appreciate my skills” = Greg thinks that his Dad does him wrong. He doesn’t accept what Greg does because he cannot see anything important in it.. “…he’s always getting on me” = he’s getting on Greg’s nerves by constantly telling him to go outside and do things like sport.

Now you:

  1. So tonight after dinner when Dad started hassling me about going outside…(p.24)
  2. Dad is a pretty smart guy in general but when it comes to common sense, sometimes I wonder about him. (p.25)
  3. I’m sure Dad would dismantle my game system if he could figure out how to do it. (p.25)
  4. Whenever I bring a game to Rowley’s house, his dad looks it up on some parents’ website. (p.26)
  5. Yesterday Rodrick got a new heavy metal CD, and it had one of those “Parental Warning” stickers on it. (p.32)
  6. I have never got to listen to one of those Parental Warning CDs, because Mom and Dad never let me buy them at the mall. (p.32)
  7. Right in the middle of our game, Mrs Crai came around the corner and caught us red-handed. (p.34)
  8. She took the music player away from me and started chewing us out. (p.34) She started telling us how rock and roll is “evil” and how it’s going to ruin our brains.(p.35)
  9. Tonight, Dad yelled at me … He told me I was grounded from playing video games for two weeks…(p.38)
  10. Mom has a totally different style when it comes to punishment…. But then after a few days, right when YOU forget you’re in trouble, that’s when she lays it on you. (pp.39-40)
  11. Rodrick’s in some hot water with Mom right now, too. …(p.41)


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