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Past perfect

How to talk and write about a sequence (Abfolge) of events (Ereignisse) in the past

  • Some years ago J.K.Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book.
  • Many people read it and really enjoyed it.
  • On Sunday my brother watched the film of the second book.

→ Underline the verb forms

→ We use the _____________________ to talk and write about events that are over/in the past

→ There are often signal words like some years ago,______________________


  • After my brother had watched the Harry Potter film he wanted to read the book, too.
  • When he had finished the book, he asked his aunt to lend him the third Harry Potter book.
  • But he had already had his birthday present, so my aunt said “no”.
  • After my brother had heard this and after he had come he decided to save his pocket money.
  • And when he had saved enough he bought his own Harry Potter complete collection.

→ Underline the verb forms (like in the first example)

→ What is the form for regular verbs (like watch): _______ and ___________ 

→ What is the form for irregular verbs (like come): _______ and ___________

→ This form is called past perfect

→ What happens first in the first sentence: had watched the film or wanted to read the book?

→ We use the past perfect to describe something that happened _______ another action in the past.


Past perfect: Herunterladen [docx][19 KB]


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