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Lösungshinweise zum Arbeitsblatt


Film Up


Film Up: How Carl met Ellie

  • If you need help with the vocabulary, you can ...
  •   ... use one of the dictionaries on the teacher´s desk
  •   ... take one of the vocabulary sheets
  • First, read the questions (see below) (3 minutes)
  • Then watch the scene about Carl and Ellie. Take notes (5 minutes)
  • Proofread your notes carefully (2 minutes)
  • Second viewing (5 minutes)
  • Second proofreading (2 minutes)



  1. How does Carl know that someone is in the old house?
    He can hear Ellie´s voice.
  2. Where does Carl live?
    in a small town in the U.S.
  3. What does Ellie use for binoculars?
    two Coke bottles
  4. Where and how did Ellie get hold of the text "Paradise Falls, a land lost in time", which she has glued into her scrapbook?
    She found it in a library book and ripped it out.
  5. What do Carl and Ellie have in common?
    They are about the same age; they are fans of Charles Muntz; they live in the same town.
  6. In what ways are Carl and Ellie different?
    Carl is shy and awkward and doesn´t talk very much; Ellie is very lively and practical.
  7. Why does Carl like Ellie?
    She shows him that she likes him; she admires Charles Muntz; she encourages him to take part in her adventures; she is very spontaneousand yet reliable.
  8. Why does Ellie like Carl?
    He shares her admiration for Muntz; he accepts her the way she is.
  9. What are Ellie´s dreams for the future?
    She wants to travel to Paradise Falls and live there.
  10. What does Carl think about her dreams?
    He thinks that maybe she (they?) could go to South America in a dirigible. (He does not say this, but when Ellie says that she doesn´t know how to get there, he looks at his toy dirigible).
  11. What does Carl promise to Ellie?
    He promises to take them (!) to Paradise Falls.


Film Up: How Carl met Ellie – vocabulary

binoculars (pl.) – Fernglas

to glue – kleben


How Carl Met Ellie (Lösungshinweise für Lehrer): Herunterladen [doc][30 KB]


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