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Model text

How to describe and characterize a person from a text 4 – model text

???? ??????? is a boy who is about twelve years old, so he goes to school, of course. He has yellow spiky hair, is quite small for his age and usually wears trainers, a blue pair of trousers and a red jumper. Skateboarding is one of his hobbies.

He lives with his parents and his two younger sisters in a small town in the USA. The family´s main hobby seems to be watching TV, so they often sit on the sofa together and watch a cartoon called Itchy and Scratchy.

The fact that his younger sister is clever, does very well at school and plays the saxophone often annoys him. He is usually friendly to his baby sister, who sucks a dummy (Schnuller) all the time.

???? often gets in trouble because he has strange ideas or just wants to have fun.


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