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WS 5 - „Shoot Rodrick“ – Greg’s language

→ Have a look at the cartoon on page 11

  1. Does Greg want to “shoot” Rodrick with a gun or so? What does he really mean?

  2. What kind of language is it?

  3. Do you use such language? If yes, why and when. If no, why not? (Be honest… J )

  4. Work in a group. Collect all words and phrases that you can find from p.11 backwards to page 1 in a table on a separate sheet of paper. Leave some space to add new ones that you might come across when reading on.



Greg’s language

Meaning/ more acceptable version


!………………. (????)

You might think I was pretty dumb for falling for that one

You might think it was not very intelligent of me to be fooled by such a simple trick.



Go on!



WS 5 - „Shoot Rodrick“: Herunterladen [docx][30 KB]


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