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Language support

How to describe and characterize a person from a text 3 - Language support:

  • You want to describe what a person regularly doesà simple present (On Tuesdays he goes to…; he likes….)
  • You want to describe a person in more detail or you want to define/explain a person/a thingà relative clauses (if you need more help refer to the How to describe people and things 2):
  • She´s a girl who likes…;
  • This is the thing (which) everybody hates. (contact clause)
  • He´s a boy whose father is ….


If there are any adjectives that you don´t know look them up in a dictionary (there are some on your teacher´s desk). You can also look them up on www.leo.org or in an app.

outward appearance

tall, small, tiny (very small)

big, plump, thin

black, brown, blond hair


adventurous, shy

nervous, anxious, afraid of something

friendly, unfriendly, aggressive, snobbish

helpful, egoistic

envious, jealous

he/she behaves terribly

he/she behaves in a friendly way

he/she behaves politely

he/she behaves angrily

Homework: learn the words


Language support: Herunterladen [doc][31 KB]


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