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How to describe and characterize a person from a text 2 - solution

What does a person look like?

man, woman, child


height (how tall is someone)

build (thin, plump, strong…)

hair colour


style of clothes

What do we know about her/his life?

Where does she/he live?

What does she do (school, job)?

What hobbies does she/he have?

Which details of her/his life are important?

Who is important in her/his life?

What do we think of to describe her/his character?

How does she/he behave in a normal situation?

How does she/he act when there is a problem?

How does she/he act when she is together with other people?

How does she/he behave when something nice/something terrible happens?



Solution: Herunterladen [docx][19 KB]


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