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Film Up


Film Up: Carl and Muntz

  • Read the questions below (2 minutes).
  • Viewing (11 minutes).
  • Discuss with your neighbour, whether you think the following statements are true. Give reasons for your answers. (5 minutes).


  1. Carl still thinks that Muntz is a hero.
    • When he meets him – yes. But he soon realizes that Muntz is dangerous and wants to catch Kevin.
  2. The stories Muntz tells Carl are not completely true.
    • It´s most probable. They seem extremely exaggerated. Muntz must be in his 80-s (given that the film is set at the end of the 1980-s or the beginning of the 1990-s), so he was not born before 1900. Would he have been on a safari with Teddy Roosevelt (died 1919) as a teenager? Or was his reference to Franklin D. (who was in a wheelchair and thus a more-than-unlikely companion for outdoor activities)? 
  3. Muntz wants Carl to think that Muntz is a great hero.
    • Obviously. Why else would he be bragging all the time?
  4. Carl realizes that Muntz is dangerous.
    • True. Otherwise he wouldn´t be in a haste to get away.
  5. Russell realizes that Muntz is dangerous.
    • He doesn´t. He gives away too much information and wants to stay for dessert.
  6. Muntz doesn´t believe what Carl has told him about his house.
    • True. He lists him together with other explorers who came to South America under false pretences.
  7. Carl is afraid of Muntz.
    • Not necessarily. He might want to rescue Kevin before it is too late.


Carl and Muntz – questions (AB ausgefüllt für L): Herunterladen [doc][24 KB]


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