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Completing phrases that you could use in your letter

When you complete the phrases, you can use your notes from exercise 1.6. Keep in mind that an agony aunt typically shows understanding for every opinion or position, but that she also clearly states what she thinks is right and wrong.
  • Thanks for writing to me______________________________________________
  • Your letter reminded me (erinnerte mich) of my own kids, they also__ ________________________________________________________________
  • When I read your letter, I thought of _________________________________
  • I can understand that you’re worried, but____________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • Your daughter is right when she says that______________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • It’s also quite right that________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • If you want to make sure that your children ‘s diet is healthy, then___ ________________________________________________________________
  • In your letter you said that your son wanted to_______________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • You can be proud of your children, they are __________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • If we all ate less meat, this would be good for _________________________
  • --- simple past in the if-clause --- --- would/could/might in the main clause --- ________________________________________________________________
  • You’re quite right when you say that organic meat is expensive. What you could do is ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________



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