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Aufgaben 4 – 6

4. Decide which of the following statements are true. If you are not sure, read the texts above again.

a) Most ads are designed by teenagers. false

b) Many ads are designed to attract the attention of celebrities.

c) Ads are designed by rebellious and attractive people.

d) Products for teenagers are often advertised by celebrities.

e) In many ads, the product or brand is at the centre of attention.

f) Many teenagers are drawn towards products or brands which are advertised by celebrities.

5.1 The texts which are grouped around the advertisement for PROACtiv with Katy Perry explain some principles of advertising. There are other principles and techniques.

Look at the sentences below (a – d) and with a partner / in a group discuss if you agree with the statements or not. Find an example for each principle, you can also use the PROACtiv ad as an example.

a) Successful ads create positive memories and feelings which influence our behaviour when we buy something.

b) A successful ad makes you buy something that you don’t need.

c) If we see or hear about a product very often, we become familiar with it (werden vertraut damit) and we start to think positively about the product.

d) In many ads the name of the product is repeated over and over again.


5.2 Think of four advertisements that you remember and write down the names of the products/brands which they advertise. Then describe the ad to a partner, but don’t mention the product/brand. Make him guess the product/brand.

a) ____________________________ c) ____________________________

b) ____________________________ d) ____________________________

6. Write down why teenagers might want to buy PROACtiv after seeing the ad with Katy Perry.

Many teenagers have acne and they want to get rid of acne. When they see

Katy Perry without acne, they might think it’s because          









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