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WS 11 – Diary of Wimpy Kid

(reading comprehension)

I. Detailed information

Read pages 95 – 106 closely. Then tick þ the correct statements: 20 CR


Mom came up in Greg’s room with a flyer announcing rehearsals for a winter play.



Greg had thrown it in the kitchen bin to hide it from her.



He begged her to let him be part of the musical.



Mom made him sign up even though he was afraid of singing solo in front of the whole school.



Greg told Dad that if he had to start going to play practices it would get into conflict with his weight-lifting schedule.



Dad and Mom argued for a few minutes then Dad won the fight.



Greg went to audition in an original costume of the “Wizard of Oz”.



Greg had never seen the movie.



In the singing tryout Greg did his best not to be singled out.



Having a “lovely soprano” voice is embarrassing for Greg.



The main character of the play is Patty Farrell. She is played by Dorothy.



Greg wants to play the Witch.



He is told that there are two witches and decides that he doesn’t want to run the risk of getting the role of the good one.



Greg is happy that Mrs Norton cares for every applicant to get a role in the play.



To be a tree was double good: he could avoid singing and he could take revenge on Patty.



Greg would thank his mom after the play for having him put on it because it made a dream come true.



Rodney James got the role of the Tin Man and got stuck in the Shrub.



Greg has to go through a two-hour practice every day just to say one word.



The play is in danger because the kids don’t learn their lines.



Because of an accident in which Rodney James cracked a tooth the “trees” get arm-holes.



II. Scanning and Quoting

Here are some statements, find the information in the book by scanning pp. 106 -112. Give the lines and quote from the text. The beginning will do, but make sure you get the right lines. Use your line-counters. 

Example: Greg had a bad feeling before the musical started.

Quotation: “The first sign….before the play even started” (p.106, ll. 13-14.) 8 CR

1. Greg had hoped that Rodrick did not come because he would never wear a tie.  But he was mistaken.


________________________________________________________ __________( )

2. The play could not start in time because of a problem with a student.

_________________________________________________________________ ( )

3. Greg’s nickname got spread all over the audience.

__________________________________________________________________ ( )

4. The singing was torture for Greg and he wished it would soon end.

_________________________________________________________________ ( )

III. Language

Re-write the underlined parts of the sentences in your own words:  12 CR

1) I’m going to sign up to be a Tree, because… they get to bean Dorothy with apples. (p. 99, ll. 11-13)

2) Unfortunately, a bunch of other guys had the same idea as me, so I guess there are a lot of guys who have a bone to pick with Patty Farrell. (p.100, ll. 7-9)

3) The Tree costumes don’t actually have arm holes, so I guess that rules out any apple-throwing. (p.100, ll. 14-16)

4) Another thing that’s screwing everything up is that Mrs Morton keeps adding new scenes and new characters. (p.104, ll. 1-3)

5) You’d figure that someone whose job it was …. (p. 10, l. 7)

6) But Rodney wouldn’t budge, and eventually his mom had to carry him off. (p.107, ll.9-10)

IV. Gist reading

Write down the answers in your own words:

1) There are at least three things that are embarrassing for Greg that night of the show. State what they are and say why. ( min 20 ws/ 6CR : 3 L/ 3 C)

2) What was the best thing about being in the play and being a Tree? Remember the geography quiz!?  (min 20 ws/ 4 CR= 2 C/ 2 L)

3) Why did Greg’s mom dump the bouquet of flowers into the trash can on their way home (pp. 112 – 113)? (min 30 ws/ 5 CR: 3 C/2L)

V. Creative writing/ text comprehension: 

React on Greg’s behaviour during the play: After all Greg finds the play had been very entertaining – for him. Imagine you are one of the kids who had really learnt their lines and had really wanted to make a good show. Write down what you would tell him if you met him just the other day at school.

→ Start like this: If I met Greg, I would certainly tell him that…. 

(min 80 ws/10 CR : 5 L/5C)


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