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How to take notes when you read a text, watch a video or listen to a text

  • Write down only keywords (most important: nouns (Substantive), verbs)
  • Use symbols: e.g.
  • + good
  • - bad/not nice
  • J nice, funny
  • → a logical conclusion (or one action after another)
  • Add more:
  • _______
  • _______
  • _______
  • If there is a chronological (time) order: use numbers
  • If there are different persons make categories for the persons or make a table (Tabelle)
  • Use a ? for things that you don´t understand at first
  • Concentrate on the things that you didn´t understand in the second reading, listening, viewing
  • If you take notes for a mediation text (a German Text) take notes in English



Notes: Herunterladen [docx][18 KB]


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