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WS 8 – Rowley

- Greg’s “technically best” friend

1. Why does Greg sometimes go mad about Rowley?

  • Check his statements and tick the right explanations:

“Rowley is technically my best friend, but that is definitely subject to change.”

  • Rowley is his friend because he is better at doing technical things like defining subjects and other grammar techniques. ❒
  • Rowley is a friend but not in the emotional way because there are times of stress once in a while. ❒

I have told Rowley at least a billion times that now we are in middle school, you’re supposed to say “hang out, not ”play”.

  • Rowley still behaves as in elementary school because he is a bit behind in developing into a teenager, so Greg finds his behaviour embarrassing in front of others. ❒
  • Greg tries to get across to Rowley that he should behave more “grown-up” and not showing the others that they were still playing like little kids.  ❒

No matter how many noogies I give him, he always forgets the next time.

  • No matter how many sweets Greg gives Rowley, he always forgets to behave the way Greg wants him to. ❒
  • No matter how often and how aggressively Greg reminds him of not showing childish behaviour, Rowley just doesn’t care because he cannot see a reason why he should. ❒

I guess I kind of felt sorry for Rowley, and I decided to take him under my wing.

  • Greg wants to warm Rowley up like a hen does with her chickens because Rowley is always cold. ❒
  • Greg recognizes that Rowley lacks some intelligence and is a bit retarded[1] in his mental development.  ❒

2. Have a look at page 20. What does the cartoon tell you about the way Greg treats Rowley? Why has Greg befriended Rowley anyways? Write a short comment. Use the information above. It might “come in handy”.

hello friend!



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