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Relative clauses

How to describe persons and things - relative clauses

If you want to describe persons or things you can use sentences that begin with

who, which, that

Underline who, which, that in each sentence and underline the word that it describes:

An author is a person who often writes books..

A reader is person who reads books.

A dictionary is a book which explains words.

A bookshop is a shop that sells books.

The main character is the person that is most important in a story.

A library is an institution that lends books.


Over to you:

→ You can use _______ and _______ to describe persons.

→ You can use ________and _______ to describe things.


Special 1 - whose:

Translate these sentences and underline the German word for whose:

→ In a crime story a detective is a person whose job is solving crimes.

→ A thriller is a story whose main story is a crime

Special 2 – contact clause:

J.K. Rowling is an author who many people know because of her Harry Potter books.

An e-book is a book which you read on an e-book reader.

→ You can leave out the relative pronoun(who, which, that) if there is another subject (here: many people, you) after the word that is explained (here: author, book)

→ We use this to make sentences shorter


Relative clauses: Herunterladen [docx][19 KB]


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